CL bags design is a Honduran–based collection of handbags with a focus on design and sustainability launched in January 2017 by the talented designer Cristina Lozano. Since then the line offers a well–made assortment of easy to wear bags and accessories.

A CL bag, is a sustainable, style and colorful luxury bag for every soul.

CL bags design is a future focused brand on a mission to spread Honduran craftsmen work.


The designer Cristina Lozano, began her career in the Architecture industry, acquiring experience in Honduras from 2007-present and in Mexico from 2010-2014.

In 2013 she participated in the fashion contest “Creare” in Guanajuato in the category of Handbag Design, where she saw her first bags come to life.

In 2014 she returned to her native Tegucigalpa, Honduras where she created a brand combining her technical experience with a sustainable design, by 2016 she became part of Mujeres en el Arte (MUA) a non-profit organization who supported the official launch of the brand CL bags design.

By June 2018, Lozano participated as a finalist in New York at The Independent Handbag Designer Awards. The company she has built continues on a mission to offer CL bags with sustainable, style and color to every woman.